Culture Shock

Culture shock is a phenomenon often referred to in the context of young, American college students leaving their native country to study abroad somewhere exotic for three to four months. Everyone warns, jovially, of the supposed "shock" of being suddenly displaced into a culture that is different from your own. Wait until you see what time... Continue Reading →

A Farewell to Spain

I've been back home (oh, how many meanings that word has had for me the past few years) for only three days now, and as strange as it is to shift back to saying "hello" instead of "hola," it almost feels as if I had never left. Besides the jet lag that forces me into bed at... Continue Reading →

Happy Places

I am a strong proponent of having at least a few "happy places" anywhere you live. Places where you can decompress, feel at ease, and escape to in times of stress. For me, these places haven't always been what I would have expected. For example, while in college, I considered one of my happy places... Continue Reading →

Things I Miss About Home

Six and a half months into my stay in Spain and even though the weather is beginning to transform from chilly (by Spanish standards) to the sunny paradise that I remember from last year, I can't help but feel homesick for New York. And although I of course miss the obvious things like my family and... Continue Reading →

First Adventure: Paris!

This past weekend, my new friend Lexi and I went on our first excursion out of Spain to Paris, France. Paris (surprisingly, I suppose, given its popularity) was never at the top of my list of "must-see cities," but it was the cheapest flight out of Spain on short notice, and I was itching for some... Continue Reading →

Hostel Survival Guide

I recently returned to the United States from a three-month-long escapade around Europe. My home base was in beautiful Seville, Spain, where I plan to return after graduation to teach English as a foreign language. While there, I took a few excursions to different countries and stayed in my fair share of nice and not-so-nice... Continue Reading →

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