Welcome to Bushwick

For six months, I traveled two hours into the city every day, and two hours out. I lived in my small, picturesque hometown of Warwick, New York, while I started to pursue the beginnings of what would become a long and complicated relationship with the publishing industry. I would wake up at 6:00am to make... Continue Reading →

A Farewell to Spain

I've been back home (oh, how many meanings that word has had for me the past few years) for only three days now, and as strange as it is to shift back to saying "hello" instead of "hola," it almost feels as if I had never left. Besides the jet lag that forces me into bed at... Continue Reading →

¡Féria 2017!

Having been abroad last year for only the autumn months, I never had the chance to experience what is widely considered the most exciting week of the year in Seville: La Féria de Abril. For those people who haven't heard of it (and who may have been mildly confused by my outrageous Snap stories), Féria is... Continue Reading →

Showing Gratitude

"We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses" -Abraham Lincoln As unlucky as I feel right now, sitting in bed on a warm, cloudless Sunday with half my face swollen like a water balloon from my recent wisdom tooth extraction (yes, another one), I felt compelled to write this post... Continue Reading →

Happy Places

I am a strong proponent of having at least a few "happy places" anywhere you live. Places where you can decompress, feel at ease, and escape to in times of stress. For me, these places haven't always been what I would have expected. For example, while in college, I considered one of my happy places... Continue Reading →

Things I Miss About Home

Six and a half months into my stay in Spain and even though the weather is beginning to transform from chilly (by Spanish standards) to the sunny paradise that I remember from last year, I can't help but feel homesick for New York. And although I of course miss the obvious things like my family and... Continue Reading →

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