Books Better Listened to Than Read

I love audio books. I listen to them while I get ready in the morning, on my commute, or while working out, and it's a great way to squeeze some pleasure reading into a busy day. Audio books are perfect because they allow you to multi-task while you read, which works well for the restless.... Continue Reading →

New York Minute Q&A

This week, I decided to do a quick Q&A about the city. As you most likely already know from my previous posts, I have mixed feelings about NYC. Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I wonder why I ever left my rural upstate hometown. So here are some questions and answers I've crafted about the... Continue Reading →

A Trip to Roosevelt Island

This weekend, I travelled to Roosevelt Island for the first time with my roommate to attend the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, a celebration of Japanese culture and a showcase of the newly-bloomed cherry blossom trees that cover the island. For those of you who don't know what Roosevelt Island is, it's the small strip of... Continue Reading →

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