New York Minute Q&A

This week, I decided to do a quick Q&A about the city. As you most likely already know from my previous posts, I have mixed feelings about NYC. Sometimes I love it, and sometimes I wonder why I ever left my rural upstate hometown. So here are some questions and answers I’ve crafted about the city—summed up in a New York minute. Feel free to copy and share your own thoughts!

New York Minute Q&A

Neighborhood name?

East Williamsburg (AKA Bushwick)

Favorite Place to Eat Around You?

Roberta’s for dinner, Forest Point for brunch, and The Narrows for a quick beer and bite.

Favorite Thing About the City?

There’s so much to do, see, eat, etc. You never run out of things!

Least Favorite Thing About the City?

The crowds and the large homeless population.

Describe New Yorkers in One Word.


What is Something New Yorkers Do Well?

Mind their own business.

What is Something New Yorkers Need to Work On?

Empathy and patience.

Advice for People Moving to the City?

Be informed and know what to expect when it comes to finding housing. “Cozy” = closet sized. “Flex”= there’s a piece of cardboard separating you from your roommate. Before you rent, ask the current roommates/previous tenants about pest problems, the AC/heating situation, where the closest laundromat is (if there isn’t laundry in the apartment), and how noisy the neighbors are. Living standards in NYC are low, so don’t be disappointed when your $1000 a month budget doesn’t get you a private bathroom and balcony. But don’t worry, the experience will build character (or so we tell ourselves!).

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