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Since moving to the city, enrolling in Pace’s MS in Publishing program, and completing three internships (not in that order), my book-reading pace has increased exponentially. Especially in the past six months, as an intern for Publishers Weekly magazine (a magazine that reviews books and writes articles about the publishing industry), my arsenal has rapidly expanded. Whereas in the past I used to read a book at a time, take a week or so to reflect and digest, and then begin my next book, I am now accustomed to reading 3-4 books at a time. This also includes listening to audiobooks, a hobby I’ve recently picked up and enjoy doing to pass the time as I get ready for work in the morning or on my commute. As a reviewer for PW, I’m usually in the process of reading 1-2 pre-pub books. Add that to my monthly Book of the Month book, and whatever I’m listening to on Audible, and you have my rotation. Below are some of the books I’ve read in the past two months, some of the books I’m currently reading, and a few on deck for when I free up a space.

Books I’ve Read


The Summer We Lost Her by Tish Cohen

This is my most recent review for PW (to be published in the next few weeks in the magazine). It pubs in June, and follows the story of a couple whose rocky marriage is put to the test when their daughter is abducted from their vacation cottage in Lake Placid. It’s dramatic and emotional, but the ending is overly saccharine and undercuts a lot of the built-up tension. Regardless, the complex and nuanced characters made it a worthwhile read.


No Exit by Taylor Adams

I’m a huge fan of thrillers, and this is one of the most heart-pounding ones I’ve read in a while. When I say I couldn’t put it down, I mean it. I could literally not put this book down until I finished it. It’s about a college-aged girl who gets stranded at a highway rest stop during a torrential snow storm, as she is on her way home to visit her dying mother.  While there, she discovers a child in a cage in the back of a creepy van, and has to find out (1) which one of the four other people in the rest stop has abducted this child and (2) how she will save the child’s life without getting caught. 10/10 would recommend, if you have the stomach for some very disturbing, nightmarish content.

Books I’m Reading


Awards for Good Boys: Tales of Dating, Double Standards, and Doom by Shelby Lorman

My next review for PW, I picked up this book because I’m a huge fan of Lorman’s Instagram account, @awardsforgoodboys. Her humor is pithy and sharp, and her illustrations, although simplistic, send her message home. I’m about 3/4 of the way through, and I am enjoying the short essays that accompany her drawings. Lots of funny dating mishaps coupled with virulent rebukes of the patriarchy. Lorman does a great job of making sure her feminism is inclusive, and doesn’t worry about hurting the feelings of those who disagree with her. Comes out in June.


An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

The Wife Between Us has been on my wish list for a while, so when I saw Hendricks and Pekkanen’s second novel as a December BOTM, I jumped at it. This book has admittedly taken me longer to finish than I would like, because I’ve prioritized PW review readings and homework assignments, but I am enjoying the hell out of it (and maybe savoring it a little bit, too). I’m always game for good psychological thriller, and this is the definition of that. Also, I love that both of the main characters are women, and it’s a very female-driven story. The protagonist, Jess, is flawed but endearing. This is a book you can really dig your claws into. 

Books I’d Like to Read


Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

Whoever was in charge of the marketing of this book needs a raise because there was a period of time when I saw this book EVERYWHERE–Instagram, book websites, the display window at Barnes & Noble, my dreams…you name it. Not to mention the buzz it got when it came out. I wish I picked up the galley when I saw it come in at PW, but you never know which books are going to make a splash. I loved Big Little Lies (the show), but never got around to reading the book. I’m sure it’s just as good, if not better, but the concept of Nine Perfect Strangers just caught my attention—I love “you’re stuck with these people for one reason or another and they’re very different from you, what’s going to happen?” books. This one is top of my list once I free up some space and time for more pleasure reading.


A Spark of Light by Jodi Picoult

I’m a sucker for a good Jodi Picoult book. I think I’ve read every single one, save for maybe one or two. She just has a talent for creating a good hook. Her writing has also really developed in her past few novels to address more contemporary issues. I feel like this book made a name for itself in a way Picoult hasn’t really done since My Sister’s Keeper, and for good reason: the premise is intense, gripping, and relevant. I can’t wait to read Picoult’s latest installation and to continue my fangirling of her writing (Am I a middle-aged soccer mom at heart? Maybe).


So there you have it, a peek into my arsenal and what’s to come. If you have any recommendations, or have read any of the books on my list, I would love to hear your opinions. Also, if you’d like to gift me either book on my “to read” list, consider it an early birthday present 🙂  (just kidding) (not really).

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