Things to See: The Bushwick Art Collective

It took me six months living in Bushwick to finally experience what the neighborhood is most well-known for: its street art. Bushwick is speckled with beautiful and unique murals, stylized graffiti, and Instagram-worthy backdrops. It’s ironic to me that these small pieces of art bring walking tours to Bushwick, because the neighborhood itself isn’t exactly an architectural mecca; the art itself is beautiful, but the canvasses they’re painted on are mainly run-down warehouses, dilapidated buildings, and broken chain-link fences. Bushwick is known for housing cool spots hidden amongst an industrial, factory-like exterior, and the Bushwick Art Collective flips the switch on that, bringing some of the neighbor’s internal beauty to the sunlight.

Located on Saint Nicholas Ave and the surrounding streets, the Bushwick Art Collective is a group of murals that range from political statements, to dazzling patterns, to odes to pop-culture figures.


On a sunny day, it’s worthwhile to take a walk along the streets and admire the effort put into the artwork by the contributing members. While Bushwick also boasts its fair share of classic, uninspired graffiti, these murals undoubtedly add much needed beauty to the area, while also increasing its incredible uniqueness. And you don’t need to stick to this small area to see captivating art in Bushwick–it’s everywhere! The two photos below feature an artfully painted truck that can be seen around the neighbor in different locations, and a silly mural near my apartment (featuring a sleepy girlfriend).


So, if you’re in the area and looking to walk off your Roberta’s pizza, check out the Bushwick Art Collective! It’s free, and it may just help distract you from the fact that the neighborhood is really just one giant welding factory.


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